Term and Condition

1. Members must have a current Dunedin Parents Centre Membership in order to use our Toy Library service.

2. Toys can be borrowed for a 4 week period. At any one time you may take 6 toys maximum. You may renew toys up to two consecutive times by contacting the librarian or online using your Toy Library login.

3. Many toys include a number of separate pieces and these are listed on the toy`s inventory on each bag/box. Please check that you have all the pieces when you get the toy home and contact the Librarian if anything is missing that was not noted on the "missing pieces" tag. This prevents you from being charged for loss or damage caused by someone else. Please ensure that all the pieces are there before returning the toy. When returning the toys, please let the check-in people know if there are any problems such as broken pieces. 

4. Please supervise your children while you are at the library. We endeavour to advise you of suitable age and ability levels for our toys; please read the bag labels and ask if unsure. Supervise your children while using the toys and ensure that the toys are used for their intended purpose. 

5.Please keep your contact details up to date.

6. Please return toys clean or use the cleaning equipment at the library.

7. If you decide to discontinue use of the library please let us know.

8. Please do not exchange toy library toys with friends.

9. We expect toys to be played with and for there to be some wear and tear but please treat the toys with respect and notify us of any losses or breakages. If a toy is extensively damaged you may be asked to contribute to replacement or repair.

10. Please remain at the library until your toys have been checked.