Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long is the hire period of toys?

Answer: Four weeks!

Question: How many toys can I hire at a time?

Answer: 6 Toys.

Question: Is there a charge for hiring toys?

Answer: No! All Toys are free to hire for members.

Question: Can I reserve toys? 

Answer: Yes you can! All members can login to the member section, browse our online catalogue and make reservations! Login details are emailed to members upon joining our Toy Library. 

*If you haven't received your login details or have misplaced them, please contact the Toy Librarian at: 

Question: Membership cost?

Answer: Dunedin Parents Centre membership range from $60-$115 for a one year membership. 

Question: Is Toy Library duty required for members?

Answer: No! Our Toy Library is operated by Dunedin Parents Centre Playgroup leaders. If you would like to be involved please contact our Toy Librarian at: